Working with words

I have worked with words for many years, both in my marketing career and now as a freelance copywriter. I love tackling an over-stuffed website or finding a stray comma in a brochure before it goes to print.

I write in many voices for different brands as well as my own; my feature writing has been published nationally and in the U.S.

Marketing Skills

As a marketing manager, I ran multi-disciplinary teams in large manufacturing companies to design and launch new trade and retail products. I learnt to listen to and work with everyone involved in bringing a product to market: manufacturing teams, advertising agencies and customers.


Originally graduating in Engineering, I also joined the Chartered Institute of Marketing. During a three year stay in the U.S.A, I gained a post-graduate writing qualification from the University of Washington.

Give me a call to see how a copywriter could help you – the first coffee is on me!

“Having worked all her adult life in marketing and communications, and having held senior marketing roles in blue chip companies, Becky understands immediately WHAT my clients want to achieve. Her journalistic experience means that she also knows HOW it should be communicated. Unusually she also has an engineering degree which adds yet another string to her bow. Becky is dependable, sensible, personable and experienced, and a valuable associate to my PR consultancy.”

Helen Woodward (HJW PR)

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