Bus Life – Adventures on Seattle transit

Column for a US family magazine – enjoying bus travel.


‘Bus Life’ 
Seattle’s Child Magazine

“…Public transport represents the glamour of transportation when you’re 4. You get to ride with the rest of the grown-ups, have a ticket to hold and have a 360-degree view of the whole thing. Rather than being strapped in your car seat you’re free to sit where you want amongst unfamiliar but exciting noises and smells…”

“…That wasn’t a very long turn,” grumbles my youngest traveller. I explain to him that when we’ve finished the boring old visit to the toy store we will be riding the bus home again. He is consoled but still watches the bus enviously as it heads into another stretch of the new downtown tunnels – without us…”

I’m convinced that public (and family) life is transformed with forward-thinking public transport systems – bus and train. I’ve written about it a quite a lot. 





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