Transit Lessons – A Day Out by Train to Tacoma Glass Museum

Column for a US family magazine – encouraging days out using transit.


‘Transit Lessons’

North West Baby and Child Magazine

“…I know many parents who have never taken their children on a bus or train. They believe it’s probably dirty or not convenient or they simply don’t know where to go or what to do. They may buy toy train sets or learn the words to ‘The Wheels on The Bus’ but they never take them on the real thing…”

“…At last count Seattle had a working monorail, a new streetcar, a train station hosting local and long-distance trains, seasonal water taxis and the largest ferry service in the United States – plenty of car-free choices…”

This piece looks at taking the train from Seattle to Tacoma’s museum district for a family day out. (One day I’ll return and stay on the same train for the next three days to reach California in style – commissions welcome…) 


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