Exploring Leeds’ Temples to Trade

Travel Article on Leeds' heritage and retail therapy

‘Leeds – Temples to Trade’

British Heritage Travel Magazine 


 “Sometimes you have to be in the right place at the right time. For medieval cloth traders, that place was a bridge spanning a vital crossing point over the River Aire in Yorkshire…Cistercian monks at Kirkstall Abbey farmed more than 10,000 sheep. To the south, hundreds of cottage workers produced the valuable woollen cloth. The right time to be there was on a Tuesday.”

“…Tuesday was market day in Leeds for many centuries. (Now) Leeds’ Kirkgate market with its domed glazed roof is one of Europe’s largest indoor markets. The chandeliers and marble columns of the Victoria Quarter shopping arcades evoke images of Milan. Leeds (was) cited as Britain’s best shopping destination by the Lonely Planet Guide, yet there is much more to the city than retail therapy. From cloth to grain to the industrial revolution, the story of Northern entrepreneurial effort is seen throughout the city…”

This article was a real delight to write – researching and writing the story of my home town. The grandeur of the city centre always comes as a surprise to new visitors.


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