Taking a Bath in Harrogate

Travel article on Harrogate’s Turkish Baths and other Yorkshire delights

‘A Bath in Harrogate’

British Heritage Travel Magazine

“…My favourite place in Harrogate is the Turkish Baths, the fabulous subterranean section of the Royal Baths. The Turkish Baths are almost unchanged since they first opened, as is the Victorian spa experience they still offer to visitors…a rest room, a cold plunge pool and three linked chambers of increasing dry heat, all under carved Moorish arches and rich painted ceilings…”

“…I retired to the daybed area for my recommended 30 minutes rest. I gazed at a soft aqua ceiling decorated with gold crescents—sunlight flooding through a carved, octagonal dome. On awaking from a doze, I wondered quite which century or even continent I had arrived in…”

A travel piece for US and Canadian readers on visiting Harrogate, Yorkshire. A day combining Betty’s tearooms and a visit to the Turkish Baths is a good idea wherever you come from.






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